Village of Sea Ranch Lakes Lobbyist Registration Statement

“Lobbyist” shall be defined as any person or persons employed or retained, paid by a principal who seeks to encourage the passage, defeat or modification of any ordinance, resolution, action or decision of any council member: any action, decision, recommendation of the Mayor or any village council member: or any action, decision or recommendation of any village personnel during the time period of the entire decision-making process on such action, decision or recommendation that foreseeably will be heard or reviewed by the Village Council, or a Village board. The term specifically includes the principal as well as any employee engaged in lobbying activities.

  • A separate Lobbyist Registration Statement must be filed for each different principal or client, and each different subject matter of the lobbying issues.
  • A Lobbyist Registration Statement must be filed prior to any lobbying activities.
  • A Lobbyist Registration Statement is valid until December 31st. New Statements must be filed annually as of January lst.
Lobbyist Form
Name of Principal/Client

Fill out this section, if principal is a Corporation, Partnership, or Trust

Full Name(s) of Individual/Title(s)
“Contingency fee” means a fee, bonus, commission, or non-monetary benefit as compensation, which is dependent, or in any way contingent on the enactment, defeat, modification, or other outcome of any specific action of the Village Council.